Why Couples Therapy is a Great Maintenance Tool Before a Problem Happens?

Couple’s therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed to assist couples to resolve conflicts between them or any challenges they may face in their marriage. Despite considerable progress in people accepting the science of therapy, still some couples are resistant to seek therapy together. Couple’s therapy is not just for couples with conflicts or extreme issues. Rather, couple’s therapy can help even the happiest couples who need a little assistance to navigate through life and settle things. To rephrase it, couples therapy is a great maintenance before a problem occurs. The key to it is to avoid issues beforehand. For instance, one maintains his or her automobile to avoid any problems in future. You would not think it is a good idea to ignore your car. In the same way, couple’s maintenance is necessary to preserve a healthy marriage and to ensure the continuance of valued relationships.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Common benefits of couples therapy are as follows:

  1. Re-establish and fix emotional and physical intimacy
  2. Reduce emotional detachment
  3. Restore lost trust between the couple
  4. Build a better understanding
  5. Bring to light the root cause of conflicts between the couple.

Gottman’s Model

Relationship counseling can be challenging for both the counselor and the couple and demands some time and much effort. However, Gottman model of Couples therapy, developed by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman, can ease this process. It is different from other types of couples therapy in the way that it is properly structured and goal oriented.

The components of this model include:

  • Love and trust
  • Commitment
  • Working towards a positive perspective
  • Handle conflicts
  • Incline towards each other

All the above components are essential to establish and maintain a loving and healthy relationship. Gottman’s model is suitable for couples in all walks of life and has no limitations. References Jennie Marie Battistin, L. (2020, February 18). How Can Gottman Method of Couple Therapy Help Us? Retrieved from Hope therapy center: https://www.hope-therapy-center.com/single-post/2020/02/18/how-gottman-method-couples-therapy-helps

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